Shrinking civic space - what have we learned so far?

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Organisations working in areas where civic space is under pressure


To share experiences and lessons learned to inspire how to better counter shrinking civic space


This workshop will follow up on all the lessons we have learned so far working with shrinking space in times of COVID-19.

The aim for this meeting is to share experiences, but we want to focus the meeting on discussing LEARNING CASES. Concretely, we have identified that it could be useful to focus on learning in relation to:

  1. Learning cases on METHODS – what have been functional methods working in limited and closed contexts with your relevant target groups?
  2. Learning cases on RESULTS – what have you achieved great success on?
  3. Learning cases on GAPS – where have you seen limitations and gaps in your approach that we should take note of ahead?
  4. Learning cases on ORGANISATIONAL LEARNING – how has this theme opened up for new perspectives in your organisation and for your partners?
  5. Learning cases in relation to MAINSTREAMING OF CIVIC SPACE – How has this concrete focus on civic space effected your general work with your partners, civil society, democracy? And how will you carry this forward?

Sign up if you have a grant under the modality: Rebuilding Civic Space, and do send an email to arl@cisu.dk indicating which of the above 5 areas, you are most likely to provide inputs for LEARNING CASES.

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