Climate Thursday (Biodiversity)

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Practitioners and volunteers (from CISU member organizations and their partners) interested in integrating a focus on biodiversity and Nature-based Solutions (NbS) in their development work.


The aim is to inspire the participants on how to combine measures for climate change adaption with a focus on biodiversity in their development with a special focus on Nature-based Solutions (NbS).


Climate change and loss in biodiversity impact livelihoods of vulnerable communities and challenge development in several sectors. CISU is keen to contribute to strengthen resilience to the impacts of loss in biodiversity and climate change and encourages that climate change adaptation and biodiversity perspectives are closely linked in project design.

NbS are actions to protect, sustainably manage or restore an ecosystem that address societal challenges, such as disaster risk, climate change, food security, water security or human health. Thus, NbS are about nature conservation and at the same time giving the local population influence on how the natural resources that they depend on are managed in a sustainable and fair way.

NbS have enormous potential and, if implemented properly, they can solve several challenges simultaneously. However, to realize this potential it is important to be aware that NbS require planning and coordination across sectors and actors.

The seminar will introduce the biodiversity crisis and how climate change and consumption worsen the global loss in biodiversity. Moreover, there will be concrete cases with practical examples on how to work with NBS and resilience in development projects.

Climate Thursday is a forum for exchange of experiences and knowledge among development practitioners. Each Climate Thursday focuses on a specific thematic area or SDG. That could be for instance Water and Sanitation or Agriculture and Food Security. The form of Climate Thursday is a mix of expert presentations, practical partner cases, and discussions on challenges and best practices.


The program with speakers will be updated during March/April.

CISU contacts: Maria Graversen / mgr@cisu.dk & Hans-Jakob Hausmann / hjh@cisu.dk


In addition to the Climate Thursday webinars, there is a Climate Community (a learning site at FABO) where materials are shared. Moreover, there is a chatroom for discussions, for raising questions, and where topics for coming climate seminars can be suggested. In the Climate Community, there is also a brief video introduction to the Climate Integration Tool.

A Climate Integration Tool has been developed by CISU. The tool presents typical impacts of climate change within various sectors and suggests several activities to promote climate adaptation resilience among vulnerable populations.

To access the Climate Community, a FABO account is required – the account can be created for free. Create a FABO account. Now you are set to check in at Climate Community.

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