Introduction to Humanitarian Assistance

Planlægning og styring af indsatser - Arrangementsnummer 1097


The course is designed for small- and medium-sized civil society organisations and entry level humanitarian practitioners.


At the end of the training, participants will have gained a basic understanding of humanitarian assistance, including definitions, values and principles that underpin humanitarian action, global and national mechanisms, including an introduction types of humanitarian crises, humanitarian actors as well as key humanitarian modes of assistance.


The introductory training will briefly set the scene of the global humanitarian landscape, including key definitions, principles, and standards (e.g., Do No Harm, the Sphere- and Core Humanitarian Standards). The course will use selected cases to promote learning and to understand approaches to successful delivery of humanitarian assistance. 

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Deadline overskredet Vartov (G) - København Kursusansvarlig: Hans-Jakob Hausmann Pris for ikke medlemmer: 100,- DKK Pris for medlemmer: 50,- DKK
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