Climate Thursday

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Target audience: practitioners and volunteers (from CISU member organisations and their partners) interested in integrating climate resilience measures in their development work


The overall aim is to inspire participants as to how to adopt climate measures in their development work within various sectors and thematic areas.


Content: Climate changes impact livelihood of vulnerable communities and challenge development in several sectors. CISU is keen to contribute to strengthen climate resilience and encourage that climate adaptation and development are closely linked in project design. A Climate Integration Tool has been developed. The tool presents typical impacts of climate change within various sectors and suggest several activities to promote climate adaptation resilience among climate vulnerable populations.

Climate Thursday is a forum for exchange of experiences and knowledge among development practitioners. Each Climate Thursday focuses on a specific thematic areas or SDG. That could be for instance Water and Sanitation or Agriculture and Food Security. The form of Climate Thursday various - however, it is often a mix of expert presentations, practical cases, and discussions on challenges and best practices within a specific thematic focus area.

The program and topic will be updated during August.


Background Material: In addition to the Climate Thursday webinars, there is a Climate Community (a learning site at FABO) where materials (such as presentations from previous climate seminars) are shared. Here you will also find the entire tool box of CISU's Climate Integration Tools. Moreover, there is a chatroom for discussions, for raising questions, and where topics for coming climate seminars can be suggested. In Climate Community, there is also a brief video introduction to the Climate Integration Tool.

To access the Climate Community requires a FABO account - which is free: Create a FABO account.

You are now all set to check in to the Climate Community

CISU contacts: Maria Graversen / mgr@cisu.dk & Hans-Jakob Hausmann / hjh@cisu.dk

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