Agricultural inspirational weekend

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For everyone with an interest in development projects related to agriculture.


There is an increasing recognition and urge to pursue sustainability of agricultural and other natural resource-based production systems with regards to socio-economic, ecological, environmental, and climatological attributes, coupled with providing market access to more ethically produced commodities.

The inspirational weekend focuses mainly on development projects related to agriculture, and the interconnectedness between plants, animals, humans, and how this affects our climate, environment and thus food production systems. 

The inspirational weekend has two overarching themes: Climate resilience / Agroecology (Day 1) and Forms of organisation / Value chains (Day 2)

Please note all presentations and discussions will be in English

For participants arriving Friday evening, dinner will be served at 18.00. There is no official programme on the Friday.

The price includes accommodation, full board and course content.

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Programme Day 2

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