Climate Thursday

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Civil Society Organisations with an interest in Climate Chnage Adaptation (CCA), their staff, volunteers and partners


A CISU team recently visited Nepal to conduct a thematic review focussing on climate change adaptation (CCA). The review intended to learn from a range of Natural Resource Management interventions to pave the way for future CISU-administered funding potentials in support of CCA. This Climate Thursday will present a summary of preliminary, general findings from the review in an attempt to stimulate discussions with CISU members, users and interested stakeholders on how to approach CCA ‘at field level’… What does CCA mean to various organisations and what does the future of Danish CCA-supported interventions look like through the eyes of CISU-affiliated field practitioners and intervention designers? What would be your most important components if you had to design a CCA intervention, and why? 


This Climate Thursday will take a closer look at selected climate-related interventions in Nepal following a recent review visit by CISU.

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